Removing all translations – Part I (understanding the Episerver Database)

Me and some colleagues had a project where we needed to remove all translations from an Episerver website except one.

For that we needed to know what the database structure looks like in Episerver and I will share this to all of you!

Now I’m trying out something new – a video post! I know it’s not the best quality but it’s a start.

In this video I will describe some of the most important tables in the strucuture and how they are related to each other.

I hope you like it! Please add some comments for questions or feedback.

5 thoughts on “Removing all translations – Part I (understanding the Episerver Database)

  1. Svein Aandahl says:

    Cool presentation! What tools did you use to create it, Alf?

    • Alf says:

      Hi, I recorded it using GoToWebinar. Unfortunately I had to do some adjustments after and it seems like the videos from GoToWebinar are not editing-friendly without loosing the quality :(

  2. Anders Olsen says:

    I like the content of the blog post. I especially like the walkthrough of the database structure.

    Unfortunately I didn’t finish the video, because the quality is too low for me to read the text. During the walk through of the Episerver interface, I know where most elements are supposed to be, so I can follow your pressentation, unfortunately I can’t read any of the text. The same goes with the walkthrough of the database schema. I can’t read any of the text in the database model or when you post examples of table content.

    Can you create a video with higher quality where the text is readable? I tried to change resolution in Youtube, but this didn’t change anything.

  3. micke says:

    Very good but the video is flickering, some what useless. Not very pleasent to look at.

    • Alf says:

      Thanks for the feedback. I didn’t realize the conversion would be so bad. I’ll try to upload a better quality!

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