430839_10151157240937478_1114130310_nMy name is Alf and I work as a Lead Developer at NetRelations.

I have been working with web development and web design for since 2001 where the first 8 years was mainly frontend and PHP. I started working with C#.NET and EPiServer late 2008 and summer 2009 I started working full time with EPiServer CMS at INEXOR. Since 2011 I’m working at Avantime.

Mostly I say that web development is a mix of creativity and problem solving. I like to help my colleagues with ideas and spar about how to approach a problem.

I like to hang on social activities such as the EPiServer Meetup or Geek Meet.


These are some tools that give me some extra speed:

JetBrains ReSharper – gives you great visual warnings and errors plus gives good feedback on how to improve your code.

JetBrains dotPeek – Reflecting tool to see what’s happening under the hood. Free and when you know ReSharper shortcuts it’s faster than Reflector.

Fiddler – Web debugging tool where you can track traffic and mock requests.

SharePoint Search Service Tool – Those times I’ve been working with SharePoint Search, this tool has helped alot to debug what kind of Query I should send.

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