Find Pages containing a certain Content in a ContentArea (UPDATE)


I had some discussions about this blog post and had to check up some things. Accidently I found the IContentRepository.GetReferenceInformationForContent(ContentReference contentLink, bool includeDecendents) (implemented on DataFactory) which runs the Stored Procedure [editDeletePageCheck]. This is normally used to warn an editor about referencing pages when editing och deleting content.

According to the ExpressProfiler it goes to the database each time I run the command so it might be good to keep this in mind.

Here is the new code:

var contents = new List<ContentData>();
var repository = ServiceLocator.Current.GetInstance<IContentRepository>();
IEnumerable references = repository.GetReferencesToContent(contentLink, false);
foreach (ReferenceInformation reference in references)
    ContentReference ownerContentLink = reference.OwnerID;
    CultureInfo ownerLanguage = reference.OwnerLanguage;
    ILanguageSelector selector = new LanguageSelector(ownerLanguage.Name);
    var content = repository.Get<ContentData>(ownerContentLink, selector);

    var contentArea = content["ResponsibleEditors"] as ContentArea;
    if (contentArea != null)
        if (contentArea.ContentFragments.Any(fragment => fragment.ContentLink == contentLink))

While browsing in the tblContentProperty I stumbled upon how a ContentArea is saved in the database.

It’s quite similar to how Dynamic Content is serialized in a XhtmlString:

<div data-classid=”36f4349b-8093-492b-b616-05d8964e4c89″ data-contentguid=”7cef1c69-b345-493c-a60e-ce011fe42c31″ data-contentlink=”35″ data-contentname=”Content Name”>{}</div><div data-classid=”36f4349b-8093-492b-b616-05d8964e4c89″ data-contentguid=”216210e0-f687-4f7a-9bc9-c2a51badab1a” data-contentlink=”701″ data-contentname=”Another Content Name”>{}</div>

In my example I have a Page Type called EditorPage presenting all persons in the staff who can be responsible to the web sites articles.

To present an articles responsible editor I have added a ContentArea where the editor simply drops Editor Pages.

On the Editor Page I want to list all the article where the Editor is connected.

So all I have to do to find pages that have a specific Content (for example Page or Block) referenced in a ContentArea is this:

string id = ID-TO-YOUR-CONTENT;
PropertyCriteriaCollection criterias = new PropertyCriteriaCollection
    new PropertyCriteria
            Condition = CompareCondition.Contained,
            Name = "ResponsibleEditors",
            Required = true,
            Type = PropertyDataType.String,
            Value = string.Format("data-contentlink=\"{0}\"", id)
IPageCriteriaQueryService queryService = ServiceLocator.Current.GetInstance<IPageCriteriaQueryService>();
PageDataCollection pages = queryService.FindPagesWithCriteria(ContentReference.StartPage, criterias);

You can also use the content GUID and use this as Value: string.Format(“data-contentguid=\”{0}\””, guid)

As usual, if you want to use FindPagesWithCriteria, remember to put a cache on it since it can be quite heavy on the database.

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